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Financing for AVACEN

Financing for AVACEN

We are excited to announce a new financial partnership! 

Med One partnership for leasing AVACEN devices

Starting at A4M, AVACEN will be partnering with Med One for Business to Business financing. For more information click below or contact us at: 

As part of our customer service, we offer our assistance to you and are looking forward to help you with any questions you might have on starting your own Whole Body Wellness business. The following section lists the most frequent questions that clients have enquired when looking to open their own wellness studio or private recovery center. We are happy help you with any question you might come across.

AVACEN Medical® has partnered with Med One Group to offer interested wellness professionals and healthcare practitioners leasing options for 36-60 month terms. If you are interested in learning more or starting an application to see if you qualify, contact us to get started.


Med One Group finds funding solutions for all business structures and specializes in pairing customers with the best funding options for their business.


  • Protect working capital and get the equipment you need when you need it.
  • Preserve credit lines for operational and short term finance needs and select a fixed payment schedule that meets your business needs.
  • Manage assets and benefit from tax advantages.


Med One Group offers the best possible financing options for purchasing equipment without breaking the bank. They will work closely with you so you can enjoy the latest state of the art medical devices from AVACEN.



Our customers have very different interests, depending on their business. Some need funds to buy materials to fulfill purchase orders, some need funds to purchase equipment - but no matter what your need, we are sure we can help you. Contact us, it only takes a few minutes to get started.