AVACEN Cardiovascular & Stress Screening (CSS) System w/3YR Warranty. Pay as low as $259/mo.

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FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device, CE Marked

Designed for Practitioners, the AVACEN CSS™ provides an opportunity to address cardiovascular and stress issues before they become potentially critical. AVACEN CSS™ measures Heart Rate Variability through Accelerated Plethysmography to analyze overall Cardiovascular and Autonomic Nervous System function. Through repetitive screenings and treatments, the AVACEN CSS™ can monitor and track a patient's cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system, and overall health status. 

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  • Cardiovascular & Stress Screening
  • CPT Codes 95921, 95922, & 93922
  • Reimbursable every 4 months
  • Quick 1-Minute Evaluation
  • 2-Page Printed Summary
  • Digital Patient History Summary


  • AVACEN CSS Processor
  • Laptop
  • Printer
  • Carrying Bag
  • PPG Sensor